Credit Cards

Accepting payment cards as a form of payment is a privilege at Iowa State University and any department wishing to accept payment cards has the opportunity to do so.

Becoming a Merchant

In order to accept payment cards in return for their goods/services, departments (merchants) must complete a Departmental Request to Process Payment Cards and a Merchant Agreement and return it to the Treasurer's Office. Currently, the University only accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards. It will take approximately three weeks for merchant numbers to be activated and to receive the appropriate equipment.

Equipment and Supplies

New merchants can either lease or purchase the equipment from the credit card processor. One terminal with a printer is the required equipment. A pin pad is only required if a merchant plans on accepting debit cards. Any equipment problems should be handled with the credit card processor through the 800 phone provided.

Data Security

Along with the privilege of accepting payment cards, every merchant must be very careful in handling transaction data. Sensitive cardholder data must be securely disposed of when no longer needed. All but the last four digits of the account number must be masked when displaying cardholder data. Never store credit card numbers. Data Security pertains to all transactions, whether they are initiated via the telephone, over the counter, mail order, Internet, etc. If you are not in compliance with any of these requirements, contact the Treasurer's Office, 294-4363, immediately for assistance.